Sunday, December 26, 2010

Change Ahead!

Trains are getting canceled and my parents have to pay for that and I am sure that several other parents are going through the same. I understand that India is my country and sir, I am an educated man, so I know the value of patience and flexibility, so I did not complain for the first four days of this stupid reservation and railway-track meetings. However, now as you don't look like doing anything, I am sure you are doing certain things, but as I am unable to see those things, so I assume that you are not doing enough to stop the damage. I wonder what stops you from taking a direct action against the people who demand such things. They might have their own set of conditions, which forced them to uproot and disturb the railway traffic but I am not concerned about that, at least my father is not. He paid all his taxes, remained in his service as a good man, served the nation for 30-40 years and at the age of 67, you do not expect him to have more patience. He has a fundamental right to relax and see this beautiful country. I don't think he needs to be worried about 5-6-10 or 49% reservations or ‘chakka-jaam’ or any other thing that keeps popping its head one day or another because it is your duty to see to that.

I bet that you are also an educated man like me and understand clearly what needs to be done in such situations and with the grace of god; you have all the powers in your hands to make a call. I am writing to you because I feel you understand that this is not right. I am hurt and I bet that several other Indians are also hurt because of this. Why don’t you send a message by appearing on TV or take some concrete step and ask people not to do this? If they do not agree then you can apply the police force. I am sure you know the rules of Home Ministry and are aware of its powers, if not then I will read the clauses and rules for you from the rule book, which will tell you what to do in such situations.

You have the CRPF and the Railway Force and I am sure you do not want the railway passengers take care of themselves by fighting against the 'antisocial elements'. At least my father cannot do this because he is 67 years old and my mom suffers from 'knee-joint problems', so I expect railways to step up and protect them because my father has paid his taxes, voted in all the elections, served for the Indian Government, so the ball is in your court and do not tell me that nothing of this sort has happened yet because I don’t want anything of that sort to happen and I am sure that you also do not want any such thing to happen.

And the irony is that my father has remained a die-hard congress supporter all his life. It might sound that I am emotional and indeed I am emotional because my little graduation degree tells me that this is plain and simple wrong. You [Home Minster] has a Harvard Degree and the honorable Prime Minster has a Oxford Degree, so I expect you guys to make better decisions and make them fast. You can also say that your plans might not make sense to me but they make sense to no one in my circle and some of my friends are from the same Universities.

You complain about brain drain and call the fellow Indians to stay back and work for their country; I do not see any country sir. All I see a reserved state of states. Of corrupt politicians, brittle bones and spineless leaders, who know not how to take care of an old man who worked for his country considering it his own country? I don’t understand how you expect the unreserved class remain faithful to this country. Even the reserved people are leaving this country sir.

I bet you are an educated and patient man sir, but make sure this patience pays off to someone. It did not pay for my father, I am 25 years old, and neither had it paid anything for me. Make sure for the coming generations, you have a better plan.


Tarun Goel

P.S: The aim of this note/letter/plea/request/anger is not praise, neither facebook likes. I want educated people to step and make sure that we make a change. Write to these ministers, they have given us the websites to write on. If the websites do not work, call the media, the news channel.

The modern age has equipped the 'educated men' with Internet, let us make sure that we make proper use of it. In words of Zuckerberg, Facebook is not entertainment, it is a platform to voice your opinion.

That is what you can do when you think of job, you can't leave your job and start running an NGO, write to them because unless you let them know, they will keep pretending 'as you do' that everything is right because it is not happening to me.

Please, please and please, do not wait until it happens with you. I am visibly hurt not because a train got canceled but because I have started questioning my decision of staying back in this country and doing something for the nation. I want support, help and 'men'. Voice your opinion. - Write to PM - For different ministries - For Delhi People - For Tamilnadu (Chennai) People - For Noida People - Write to NIC if govt website is not working - Write to IBN7 - Make a change | Be Famous - An Interactive Site

P.S- Do not wait for it to happen with you because Godhra| Dhaula Kuan| Gurjar|Aadarsh|Rape|Murder|Stamp|Satyam are very painful individual experiences and it hurts when it happens.

Avoid the pain, Make a Change



Nishit said...

scene kya ho gaya....desh par se bharosa uth gaya kya....i know hw one feel when unpleasant things happen which should nt otherwise happen and could be controlled...only 2 options r dere- either follow ur life blindly or try to bring change...choice is individualistic :)

vicious said...

good job Tarun r one guy who tries to change things instead of just blaming the system ..
lots of people look up to you ..hats off dude ..very touchy letter

abhishek gupta said...

ooooooooowesome bhai.. nice one....

sry ,.. thoda late padha :P

upasana said...

Loved the post :)

Ajit Singh Taimur said...

very well written
but dont get disheartened fact ..its we n u ...who allowed things to come to this level .....and now we r going to set things straight .....we r the part of the system ...we r the system and we r the solution too ....
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ajit taimur

Badmaraj Jain said...

wow really very nice one thank you for sharing...!
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