Friday, May 21, 2010

मसरूर मंदिर -The Masroor Temples

The journey of life is strange. The Pandava's stayed in jungles for I do not know how many years, but even then they managed to build beautiful temples and tunnels and what not! And today I am privileged to see those places, which were an outcome of their अग्यात्वास।

मसरूर मंदिर -The Masroor Temple is a beautiful temple located in the Kangda District of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Most of the tourists visit Dharamshala and Chamunda Temples but they miss this extremely beautiful spot, which is not yet developed by the Himachal Tourism but it looks better undeveloped and in its raw form only.

The legend says that भीम and his allies built the temple to please the local deities. The temple is monolithic and carved out of a small mountain or a big rock. The temple is rock-cut temple and no part of the temple is modular or designed separately. No doubt, the man of caliber of भीम only could do such wonder.

However, during the 1905 earthquake, the temple was damaged badly and it resulted in destruction of some of the parts of these temples. The Tourism Board says that the whole site consists of 15 temples. However, I couldn't find any different temples and concluded that there was only one temple there. :)

The Tunnel

The temple also has a small tunnel/सुरंग that connects the lower part of the temple to its upper part. There is a pond in front of the temple, which is just beautiful. Just next to the temple, a Government School is there and these kids are privileged to study at such a serene place.

The carved faces and designer walls of the buildings left me spellbound. The building is however, losing its strength and the government has installed some steel plates to add strength to the walls of the temple.

Designer Walls :)

Carved Faces

Carved Face-II

The School and the Pond

How to Reach there?

Those who come from Shimla need to head towards Dharamshala and take a right turn just after they happen to cross the Ranital Railway Station. The distance between the link road and the National Highway is just 22 kilometers, which would take not more than one hour.

Those who come by air, need to get a taxi from the Gaggal Airport and head towards Kangda, as soon as you leave the airport [ say 25 meters], a link-road goes towards the temple towards the right hand side.

One can from Pathankot towards Kangda and just leave the National Highway near 'Nagrota Suriyan' [ नगरोटा सुरियाँ]. One can find such boards all over the place to guide them.

Moral of the story:
1. भीम was a very strong man.
2. The temples are breathtakingly beautiful.

Edited Part: Some years ago, probably in 2004, a sunslik advertisement was shot in the temple.


Ankesh at Talk said...

amazing India... Raw form is always beautiful than ornated ones... himachal gumne jana hai.. koi jugad laga na padega... waisew himachal tourism wale tuje jarur nominate karenge for promotion activity.. :)

Nishit said...

There are a lot many places yet to be discovered....During the Agyaatvas of pandavas, they travelled whole india and wherever they stayed they build temples so it signifies their presence....Their are similar temples built by pandavas out of single stone in MARTAND (kashmir division) but is totally in ruins due to quake....i salute the power of BHEEM :P

Anonymous said...

Truly Incredible!.... Incredible India!

Maddy said...

Woow....U r jus less than or equal to a guide :) I will take u wen i visit such places :) :)
Pics are beautiful..lets see how beautiful the temple is :)

Anonymous said...

@NITISH one such place is situated in my district too ,it is famous as "BHEEMKUND" among locale people and we went there when i was kid for school picnic :)

vicious said...

theres so much in our country much still lies ignored and undiscovered ...

liked the stillness and calm reflected in the pics !!