Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank You Aradhna

This is what was said by Aradhna Gupta after the court gave its verdict, "I told her, we have done it. But, the war is still on," she says. "She still looks sad. I hope I can make her smile soon."

A 14 year old girl is not even fully developed to attract someone sexually and I don't know what D.I.G saw in Ruchika but all I know is that I want to oblige and say thanks to Aradhna.

Thank You Aradhna!


vimmuuu said...

Ya, there was an email and a petition to be signed ? Did ya do that ???

Chhaya said...

Perverts like Rathor @%$^%$#@& are ready to hump anything that moves.. u can understand how angry i must be to use such langauge, but frankly, ppl like him need to be handed over to the mob.

nothing less than lynching is enough for the crime he has commited.

not only him, every person who sided by him.. every organization who shielded him...

molesting a child is the worse crime ever..

Smita said...

I too marvel at that girl!!! She is still standing strong against all the odds and thats worthy a million thanks!