Monday, October 19, 2009

Mini Trip's Mini Diary

On my birthday = 12 October, I left for Chandigarh because my sister was to be operated for Pancreatic Calculi Stone at P.G.I and presence of an extremely intelligent+talented young man (me) was mandatory there to deal with the government officials. I started at 18:45 and the bus belonged to Haryana State Roadways. Following are the important observations made by me:

1. Every one is scared of the Man Behind the Counter: The man behind the counter is the most dangerous thing one can ever see. Every creature calls him "sir" and he never listens or answers to anyone. Railways, Airways, Post Office, Roadways, BSNL the counter man can be found anywhere and believe me he is the most "on-the-spot" respected person on earth. There used to be a teacher in my college and he used to scare every single child in his class. Even he was saying "sir" to him and counter-man did not reply to him. Counter-man scolded him and I was laughing at his face. :D
The counter man asked me,"tujhe kya chahiye= what do you want?"
I replied,"Entertainment". That made me board the other state's bus because after the answer I gave there was no chance of me getting a ticket from him.

2. When we were about to reach Chandigarh, the bus conductor and driver shouted at the top of their voices that Chandigarh people get down as soon as possible. I and six other poor souls boarded down, half asleep half disturbed, and we found that he had thrown us in the middle of nowhere and that place was at least 10 k.m away from Chandigarh :D Luckily I found one auto at 1 A.M. He charged me 100 INR, the bus fare from Hamirpur to Chandigarh was 140 INR :(, poor me. The auto was running just behind that bus and auto driver kept telling me," This is your bus. This is your bus!" :P Life is an unbalanced equation :)

3. In P.G.I, for the first time in my Life, I saw a doctor behaving like a doctor. Endoscopy is a very painful experience and doctors are really doing a good job. I heard people crying, shouting when the wire was inserted into their mouth and being a doctor requires highest level of patience.

4. On women oriented festivals like Karwachauth, Rakhi and other related festivals, ladies do not have to pay any fare while travelling through Himachal Roadways buses. This is injustice and partiality. How can they say that,"Ladka-ladki ek samaan", when they reserve seats and provide free travelling passes for women? But let them travel for free, government is busy collecting votes for the next election, why do they care? :-|

5. I would be writing for a Hindi news paper :)


Uncommon Sense said...

very true, counter men are the gods.. and i think it must be really annoying job,, but my father would have loved to have a job like tht, actully he had spent a few years at the reservation counter...

vimmuuu said...

Ohh, the man behind the counter !!! He is the one running the govt. please dont mess with him !!! he is more powerful than our president too !!

I go on and tell the same thing yaar. If women says they are equal, why do they fight and get reservations !!! I just dont get the logic !

you would be writing for a newspaper?? wow...congrats..once its up, give us a link or upload a snap from the paper ! :D

and yes, a get well soon for your sister !

vicious said...

so true yaar ..these counter men are always deaf n dumb !!!

Smita said...

lol @ ur retort to the guy behind the counter :D

And these bus drivers & conductors can be such a pain I tell you!!!

And BTW i think u guys shud stop complaining & start fasting like us and then u will also get preferential treatment ;-)

Nishit said...

Who told you to act smart before that person at the window?? You were at loss as you din't get ticket from him and had to look for some other person...very soon INDIA will become a RESERVED COUNTRY where only persons with reservations will be allowed to live :P
Good to hear about you writing for newspaper...ALL THE BEST!!!
And GET WELL SOON for your sister!!!

Nishit said...

Never ever mess with person at window or even clerks....

wise donkey said...

i can understand your anger at the reservation, i bet you will be equally angry and would scream for equality, if you see ur partner delivering a baby ..

there is a difference between equality and fairness..

as for the counter men, do you wonder if a counter man stands in q when it comes to counters in other departments..
do you think there is a hierarchy amongst them..

belated happy birthday:)

Tarun Goel said...

@donkey - :D
I don't mind reservations, promote them all, I don't mind.

Biologically some things are decided and who decides them, that is what I have been trying to understand....

Thnx all for dropping by :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Belated Many Happy Returns Of The Day Dear...I have been away from blog world for a while - not that I was on vacation - but work kept me away!

Hope your sister is doing fine and healthy - my regards and prayers for a quick recovery!

Now comes about your story :) which is as follows:
1. I loved it and always wished if I can do lucky !

2. Poor you :) but the best is you can still smile on yourself that's great about you! I loved the auto guy's comment for you ;)

3. It gives a relief that we can still trust :)

4. I agree with you on that cent percent! This can be treated as discrimination in this part of the world and you can sue the government about trying that one ;) (may be a topic for your next post )

5. Congratulations and I would love to get the link of your writings - think of me to reach somehow to this.

All the best and I am sure you will do a great job there - you have that humor sense !

Chhaya said...

," This is your bus. This is your bus!" - LMAO :D

btw, i guess maya wud be more interested in a colonoscopy (not sure abt the spelling)

and yea, the man (or worst still, if its a woman) behind the counter is everyones nightmare. !!

Tongue Trip said...
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Tongue Trip said...

twice on reading this i went aww aww and three times, haar haar. those concessions made on rakhi etc., so bloody cool! :D cheers!

Tongue Trip said...

would you believe our very own humble ghats.

Tarun Goel said...

Tongue Tip, m unable to undrstand ur question/query/answer/???? :O

Sakhi said...

Why O why tarun, that you first time saw a doc behaving like a doc!!! :O :O

:D :D

For which newspaper are you writing?

Tarun Goel said...

sakhi o sakhi, a doc is also a MenBehindTheCounter(MBTC) and that's why I said so.
yeh doctor khaaskar sarkaari doctor bade khatarnaak hote hain :P