Monday, February 1, 2016

#Colgate360GoldMornings - Wake Up to a Golden Morning!

"Let's see who wins the brushing race among you two"," was the favorite pastime of our father while we were still rubbing our eyes trying to figure out why and who made these troublesome mornings. But then devising such games is the only way out for parents when they have two troublesome kids twins to take care of. 

We would rub our teeth vigorously to win the race and then we would undergo an inspection to figure out the winner. Usually, I would be disqualified because I used to under-perform to clock better timing but a father always knows better. Most of the times, we both would win the race that left us always wondering what's the point of this race if there are always going to be two winners. 

That's how we used to start out mornings. Like the golden sun coming out of the dungeons to spread light all around. "A clean mouth makes your day even better", that's what we were told. In retrospect everything our father said about cleaning our teeth was right. 

And probably he was right. A clean mouth and a healthy breakfast are two things that can help you pass the long day even if you haven’t eaten a morsel except for your breakfast. A fresh mouth is like a cool breeze of wind in the desert. And even if you are tired or worn out for the day, a clean mouth certainly gives you energy to last long and stay confident. 

#Colgate360GoldMornings reminded me of the good old days. With the gold standard of whole mouth cleaning, which it claims to achieve, I am sure I can look forward to reliving the golden days of my childhood. I wish Colgate Charcol Gold becomes the mantra to turn a good morning into gold morning.

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